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Main ancillary purpose and objectives:

  • To provide support for building a cadre of efficient healthcare managers determined to deliver quality healthcare services, through creation of capacity building, networking and communication opportunities;
  • To collaborate in matters of management with any other association or business having the same or similar objectives as the Company;

With the introduction of the National Health Insurance (NHI) in 2011 the need for qualified health care managers became more urgent than ever. This transformation in the health care sector poses an enormous challenge which requires exceptional skills from those in positions of health care management. Improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness regarding the implementation and execution of health care strategies, along with the newly introduced NHI require competent, skilled and highly motivated managers.

The South African Institute of Health Care Managers (SAIHCM) recognises that a new breed of health care managers is needed; not one that is only technically competent, based on qualifications, but a breed equipped with attributes such as vision and innovation; skills like emotional intelligence and insights into interpersonal relationships in a service sector, and ability to deal with diverse staff complexities in a challenging environment that impacts on people’s lives.

To achieve this objective the Institute acknowledges the importance of collaboration with and support from key role players in the public and private sectors with the ultimate aim of growing SAIHCM’s membership to become a powerful voice promoting high standards of health care management in South Africa.

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Dear SAIHCM Members, SAIHCM has its very own Facebook page and would like to ask all our members to please go and like our page by searching for SAIHCM or using the following link: youRegardsSAIHCM Team

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